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If you are a driver, membership in BiH AMK is the best co-driver!

BiH AMK membership brings several benefits, of which the essential assistance on the road in BiH, but also in neighboring countries: Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Albania – which is a desirable benefit when you bear in mind that the initial prices of any type of assistance in these countries from 110.00 euros and more.

Also, if you are traveling in Europe, there is the BiH AMK PLUS package that provides you with a complete roadside assistance service (the initial commercial price of services in EU countries is 150.00 euros and more). BiH AMK CLASSIC and BiH AMK PLUS packages provide you with auxiliary services to cover the costs of car rental, accommodation or return home, and one-time financial assistance to cover medical expenses up to 1,000.00 KM.


Extra benefits

If you were lucky enough not to use roadside assistance during the year, the BiH AMK membership card is here to help you with your daily purchases. Simply show the card, and you will achieve significant savings through the BiH AMK BONUS membership program.

Through this program, members achieve significant savings when buying not only fuel and car cosmetics but also in travel agencies, hotels, wellness centers, optical shops, bookstores, clothing and footwear stores, and many other commercial and business establishments throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

HIFA gas stations stand out, where BiH AMK members earn 0.05 KM per liter of high-quality petroleum products. This allows the average consumer to save up to two tanks of fuel per year.

To protect and increase the safety of the youngest road users in BiH AMK lends its active members child car seats for children ages 0 to 9 months. With a copy of the child’s birth certificate and the parent’s active membership card, you only need to contact the nearest office of BiH AMK.

Membership in BiH AMK can be done at COOPERŠPED at Knjaza Miloša 83, Banja Luka.

If you are a driver, membership in BiH AMK is the best co-driver!

For more information, call +387 (0) 51/371-497, fax +387 (0) 51 371-956, or mobile phone +387 (0) 65 512-305!

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