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Cooper Šped Car Rental Banja Luka rents fully functional vehicles with all standard equipment to users, and the user undertakes to return the car in the same condition. Standard equipment includes (first aid, triangle, jack, spare tire, light bulbs, cable helmet), and you can rent additional equipment. By additional equipment, we mean (baby seat, roof box, ski carrier, bicycle carrier, additional navigation, and additional snow chains).

  • The vehicle is picked up with a full tank of fuel and thus returned with a full tank.
  • When taking over the car, a deposit of 400.00 KM is left.

The rental user undertakes to return the vehicle on the agreed date or earlier at the request of Cooper Šped rent a car Banja Luka, and in case he wants to extend the rental, the user will request consent at least 24 hours in advance with a simultaneous additional payment for the rental extension.

Suppose the user does not return the vehicle 6 hours after the end of the rental contract and does not contact Cooper Šped Car Rental Banja Luka beforehand. In that case, the theft of the vehicle is reported to the police with the data of the vehicle user.

The rental agreement and invoice specify vehicle rental prices and payment methods.

Vehicle reservation

Confirmation of a safe vehicle reservation is a payment of 20% of the rental value of the vehicle at least 48 hours before vehicle pickup. The reservation becomes invalid if the vehicle is not picked up 12 hours after the agreed pickup time, in which case Cooper Šped rent a car Banja Luka retains the deposit paid for the reservation.

Regardless of the vehicle reservation method, when collecting the vehicle, Cooper Šped Car Rental Banja Luka reserves the right to issue the vehicle if the potential user is physically or mentally unprepared or under the influence of alcohol, and Cooper Šped Car Rental Banja Luka retains the deposit.

Driving the vehicle

We rent vehicles to users, i.e., drivers who are at least 23 years old and have a driver’s license for at least one year. The vehicle rented at Cooper Šped rent a car Banja Luka, may only be driven by the user or the person named in the rental agreement as the second driver.

Driving the vehicle

Unauthorized use

Car rental at Cooper Šped Rent A Car may not be used:

  • If the user is under the influence of alcohol and various narcotics.
  • For the transport of goods or passengers with compensation.
  • For towing trailers and other vehicles.
  • For participation in motorsport events and testing.
  • To train other drivers.
  • For the transport of animals, flammable and explosive substances and also substances with a very unpleasant smell.
  • For transporting substances that can damage the vehicle.
  • For violation of criminal regulations, violation of customs offense.
  • Giving the vehicle to third parties who are not specified in the rental agreement.

Vehicle insurance does not cover the following:

  • If the person is currently under the influence of alcohol or various narcotics.
  • If the user deliberately sets fire to or detonates the vehicle.
  • Damage to the vehicle caused by unprofessional handling or living (off-road).
  • If the damage is caused by a person who is not listed in the rental agreement as a user or driver.
  • It does not cover damage to the engine caused by lack of oil.
  • Damage to parts of the vehicle: tires, hubcaps, rims and the lower part of the vehicle caused by gross carelessness of the user.

Responsibility of the lessee

During the rental of the vehicle, the user bears the costs of parking, fines for traffic violations as well as other non-regular costs incurred. If a traffic accident occurs during the rental period due to the user’s fault, the amount of the rental deposit is immediately charged.

The rental user undertakes to represent the interests of Cooper Šped Car Rental Banja Luka in the event of a traffic accident by recording the names and addresses of the participants in the accident and possible witnesses, securing and removing the vehicle before leaving it, calling and waiting for the traffic police to carry out the official notes about the accident, and immediately inform Cooper Šped Car Rental Banja Luka on the hotline or in the office about the accident and attach an official notice about the damage.

The renter is responsible for the resulting damage and consequences if he left the scene of the traffic accident before the arrival of the police. The user is obliged to lock the vehicle and take all responsible measures against vehicle theft, keeping the driver’s license and vehicle keys with him. If the car is stolen during the duration of the rental agreement, and the rental user does not return the keys and driving license, Cooper Šped Car Rental Banja Luka will charge him for the entire amount of damage, and the user bears full material and criminal responsibility, in the event of a dispute the competent Court in Banja Luka.


The loss of a driver’s license, package of mandatory equipment, keys, or license plates is charged from the deposit according to the amount of the damage. The rental vehicle is picked up and returned washed and clean, and in case the vehicle is not returned washed and clean, the washing is charged from the renter’s deposit in accordance with the price list of the car washes Cooper Šped Car Rental Banja Luka cooperates with. Assessments of the resulting damage and repairs and service are carried out in the services with which Cooper Šped rent a car Banja Luka cooperates

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